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2-ethylhexyl 2-ethylhexyl phosphate (P507)

It is a kind of acid phosphorous-type extracting agent,widely used as extracting agent for non-ferrous and rare earth metals.

AD100 High-performance copper-specific extracting agent

It’s a kind of copper-specific extracting agent,widely used in extraction of copper.Especially the acidic copper material when the PH=1.5~2.5,and the copper concentration is between 10~15g/L.

AD108 High-performance copper-specific extracting agent

AD108 are normally used to extract copper from alkaline leaching liquid.The leaching liquid can come from printed circuit board, copper scrap, copper alloy, copper/lead dross and some copper sulfide concentrate.

Di(2-ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid (P204)

It is a kind of acid phosphorous-type extracting agent,widely used as extracting agent for non-ferrous and rare earth metals.

Extractant for the Separation of Cobalt from Nickel with Extremely High Separation Coefficient--------AD290

AD290 has proven to be an excellent extractant for the separation of cobalt from nickel from both sulfate and chloride media.


DL-2-octanol with phthalic anhydride reaction was phthalate 2-octyl alcohol ester, common used in PVC plasticizer, also used in synthetic fiber oil agent, defoaming agent.


Mainly used in the production of plasticizer, extraction agent, stabilizer.Used as a solvent and spices intermediates.

260# solvent oil

This product is widely used in rare earth,cobalt,nickel,gold,silver,copper,lead,zinc, vanadium, bismuth, confine, scandium, uranium industry such as wet extraction and deep processing enterprises.

Trioctyl amine (TOA)

1.Used for rare metals extraction, this product can separate cobalt, nickel, extraction of uranium, tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, platinum in the hydrochloric acid, also used for the extraction of gold, copper and other metals.2.Used for treatment of industrial waste water extraction agent with the complexation extraction solvent method.This product can also be used for the treatment of industrial waste water which contained organic acids, esters and others, the effect is better.

Tri-alkyl amine (N235 / 7301)

(1)Used in extraction of rare and noble metal.In hydro-chloride solvent.It can separate Cobalt and Nickel.Also used in extracting Uranium,Wolfram,Molybdenum,Vanadium, Platinum,Gold and Copper.(2)This product is also used in treatment of industrial waste water by complex extraction,especially used in treatment of the water containing organic acids and esters.

Tri-iso-octyl Phosphate(TOP)

(1) It is now chiefly used as a processing solvent,instead of hydroterpineol,for producing hydrogen peroxide by anthraquinone process. It is an ideal solvent in this process,for its low volatility and good extraction distribution coefficient.(2) It is also a cold-resisting and fire-retarding plasticizer applied in ethylenic and cellulosic resins,synthetic rubbers. The cold resisting property is superior to adipate esters.

Tributyl phosphate (TBP)

It is mainly used as extracting agent for rare earth metals such as uranium, thorium, vanadium; widely used as defoaming agent in dyes, coating, petroleum drilling, paper making industry; also used as plasticizer and chemical reagent.
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